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  • 12.01 - 01.06 "Art in Old Lithuanian Manors" final exhibition

    12.01 - 01.06 "Art in Old Lithuanian Manors" final exhibition

    Vilniaus Town Hall, Didžioji st. 31, Vilnius

  • Hanne Juga (Finland). Painting

    Hanne Juga (Finland). Painting

    12.12 - 01.20 Communications History Museum, Rotušės sq. 19, Kaunas

  • Eva del Fraile Fiz (Spain). Painting

    Eva del Fraile Fiz (Spain). Painting

    12.12 - 01.20 Kelmė Area Museum, Dvaro st. 15, Kelmė

Congratulations dr. Remigijus Venckus!

Remigijus Venckus foto

We are extremely pleased to announce that November 28 our colleague, art critic, media artist Remigijus Venckus has defended his doctoral dissertation at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Congratulations!

The final “Arts in Old Lithuanian Manors” exhibition in Vilnius Town Hall continues until January 2015

Rotuse 2014 8

The presentation of “Art in Old Lithuanian Manors” final exhibition in Vilnius Town Hall was a warm and friendly event, during which visitors could see the works of all 17 artists who participated...

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Launched in 2007 as an international cultural project, aiming to inter-relate the disciplines of professional art, history, and architecture, the event has successfully reached its 7th season. The uniqueness of this project lies in its aim to spread culture beyond the overcrowded space of the capital city, embracing regions and minor towns.

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